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The Perfect Fall Bedroom Decoration Ideas

July 4, 2019


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The season is on the move and this is the ideal excuse to bring about a little change in your bedding. Nothing can beat a good seasonal refresh. You can opt for a tiny tweak or a complete update as fall decorations. Even something simple like absolutely new bedding is capable of making a large difference to the bedroom.

Apart from the weather getting cooler and the nights becoming longer, you bedding choice for spring is not going to be adequate for approaching months. Keeping this in mind, you need to crank up the coziness with the top five ways to update your bedding for winter and fall straight from the bedding experts.

Mattress Toppers

The first thing that you need to take into account when you plan for fall decorations to refresh your bedding is comfort level. Hence, you can add a mattress topper. You can treat yourself with one of the amazing mattress boosts and add an extra layer of luxury to the bed this season. Mattress toppers, particularly duck feather and down¬¬ toppers are just great for winter and fall months as it adds extra layer of comfort, warmth, and coziness to see you through the chilly nights. Moreover, this item can also offer additional back, shoulder,, and neck support simply by distributing weight evenly across the mattress and by reducing the pressure points.

Pillow Cases, Duvet Covers, and Sheets

It is fall and soon to be winter. Thus, some new bedding along with a fresh color scheme that will be suitable for the season should be used. All you have to do is to change your pillow cases and duvet covers. This will instantly transform the interior look of the bedroom. As a matter of fact, it will create a brand-new look for fall with very little effort. There are many amazing wintery bedding shades which you try out such as dark reds, oranges, coppers, and browns. These will offer your bedroom an inviting and warm glow.

Make sure that you do not forget about the sheets in fall decorations. If you want, you can mix and match the duvet covers and pillowcases with the flat and fitted sheets of harmonizing and matching colors in order to add a greater depth to the bedding color scheme.

Winter Duvets

While you update the bed linen, you should go a step further and upgrade to a much cozier winter duvet matching the warm color scheme. In case the duvet is a 10.5 tog rating or lower, it might not be warm enough to be used in the colder months. Winter duvets have a 13.5 rating and upwards. It is simply perfect for snuggling down and keeping the chills away until spring returns.

In case you are looking for the ultimate duvet cover for fall decorations, fill one with soft goose feather and down. The natural feeling is going to keep you at the ideal temperature all night long eve during the coldest nights. Winter duvets have bouncy textures which create a visually inviting winter bedding arrangement.

Winter Throws

You might have the basics down and now it is time to get extra cozy and creative with the added accessories. Winter throws are considered to be great for fall. Firstly, these are practical. In case you do not want to upgrade to a winter duvet, a winter throw can be the perfect choice. It will add an extra layer of temporary and seasonal warmth. Moreover, they are going to look superb. You will be able to use a large variety of textures and patterns. These appear to be super inviting when you fold them neatly at the end of the bed.


The final finishing touch to the fall decorations for creating refreshing for the bedding look is the cushions. This is a simple addition with some plump cushion which will transform the look of your bedroom. These are great for creating a cozy winter aesthetic. Try to play around with an assortment of shapes and sizes. Keep big statement cushion at the center with the complementary small ones on either side. You can choose from a wide range of textures and patterns for customizing the look. With these items, you are going to be ready with the winter and fall decorations for a bedding refresh.

How to Choose a Design Style for your Cabin Home Home Home Decorations

July 4, 2019


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There are many types of design styles out there today, and it can be hard to choose just one. Because of this, people have been mixing and matching different styles together, coming up with their own style, and many of these have actual terms or names now. This is funny because some styles wouldn’t seem like they would go together, such as rustic and chic, but people find a way to make them work! In this article I will start by outlining several of the most popular design styles, and in the second part of the article, I will suggest which ones will work best in your cabin or country home.

Rustic – uses raw and often unfinished elements like wood and stone, typically a gray, tan or brown color palette
Western – uses horse, animal, cowboy or lone star designs, use of leather or wood, southwestern has distinguished patterns in textiles, varying color palette, but mostly browns with pops of red, green or yellow
Shabby Chic – use of vintage items, distressed or antique looking, cream and pastel color palette
Minimalist – modern design but with simple, but minimal furnishings, neutral color palette
Modern – crisp, clean lines, use of glass or metal elements, neutral color palette
Contemporary – interchangeable with modern style, but uses more curving lines and flowing designs, simple or neutral color palette
Industrial – unfinished and raw elements, exposed brick, pipes and duct work, wood, neutral color scheme, but may have bright pops of color or abstract art on display
Traditional – classic details, fuse of wood and fabrics, abundance of accessories, rich color palettes

Typically in a cabin home, people tend to decorate with the first three styles, but sometimes incorporate a minimalist approach, since cabins are usually on the smaller side and less furniture is always better. You can usually mix these first 2 styles, rustic and western, but they don’t always go together with the 3rd, shabby chic. That one is a whole different style of its own. It tends to be more feminine, whereas the first two are more masculine . You can always incorporate the minimalist style with any of the designs above, if you prefer the “less is more” mentality.

Cabins look best when they’re decorated with the rustic design style, as it relates more with nature, since cabins are usually out in the country and in nature. So, anytime you can bring the great outdoors into your home, it is a good thing. People will admire that in your decor too. I have found many online stores that offer raw wood products in their selection of furniture and home decor. Some examples are logs made into beds and accent furniture, reclaimed barn wood made into artwork and headboards for beds, fishing poles and snowshoes made into lamps, and real bark used to accent coffee tables and side tables. Many people use the popular Lone Star design in their cabin homes, combined with horses or other wildlife.

Rustic style doesn’t always have to encapsulate a rough or unfinished look though. If you use a rustic style consistently throughout your house, with other design elements, it will look unified and complete. You can always add softer elements like candles or dim lighting, plush throw blankets and pillows, and faux fur or other soft rugs on the floor.

If you go with the Shabby Chic look, it can show your softer and more romantic side. It might make for a more relaxing environment too, since it tends to have softer furniture and uses a more neutral or pastel color palette. These elements combined usually help portray a softer, more casual feel. I especially like to mix Shabby Chic with the more modern, whitewashed wood look. I like this whitewashed wood look because it is lighter and brighter than natural wood, which tends to be darker. It doesn’t need as much lighting or windows either because of all the white, and also tends to look cleaner than traditional wood cabin interiors, which can look dark and dirty.

In summary, people will appreciate any effort you put into having a general style in your home. It is visually appealing and often entertaining to your guests too, especially if you have unique items on display, such as whimsical black bear accents or animal wall art etc. So, I hope this article encourages you to move in a general design direction for your cabin home. Even implementing just a few items can create a themed environment and can give it noticeable style.

Why Should You Choose Hardwood Flooring Instead of Laminate Flooring?

July 4, 2019


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Despite the advances in printing technology, laminate floor boards still cannot truly replicate the genuine grain, texture, and knots that give hardwood floors their timeless elegance and charm. Using laminate can certainly help you cut costs—but it also cuts back on beauty and quality. In many cases, the compromise isn’t worth it. Making an investment on a modern hardwood floor pays back multiple times in terms of quality and longevity.

Unmatched durability

High quality hardwood floors in Toronto are designed to be superior to laminate when it comes to strength. They can resist damage from heavy furniture and other items and are much less prone to cracks, chips, and dents.

Timeless versatility

Do you want truly custom flooring the finish of laminate flooring can’t be changed, but a modern hardwood floor can be sanded and customized to achieve different treatments and stains. This will ensure that you get the best flooring to complement your style and décor.

Easier to repair

Hardwood can be sanded to repair imperfections. This is one of its biggest advantages. Oiled hardwood floors are particularly impressive because they are easy to spot-repair should they be scratched. All you have to do is sand the affected area and apply a thin coat of maintenance oil. The same cannot be said for laminate flooring, which is difficult and laborious to fix. Even if you buy laminate boards that snap together, you might find it hard to find matching replacement boards depending on the age of your flooring and how much sunlight it is exposed to.

Real wood flooring—especially oiled hardwood floors—can be sensible long-term investments for your property. Homes with hardwood floors in Toronto do well in the real estate market time and again. After all, wood is timelessly beautiful and warm. It can also last a lifetime with proper care. It is likewise relatively easy to maintain and will always look great. Hardwood flooring might seem expensive at first, but its benefits certainly outweigh its initial cost when you consider its overall life.

European Flooring provides exceptional modern hardwood floor solutions. Come by our showroom to see style European-made wood floors that are engineered for the Canadian climate. We offer over 70 finishes and are ready to assist you in choosing the best products based on your project’s specifications. You can trust our team to provide full services from cost estimation to installation.

Decorating Your Living Room with Neutral Colours

When we say “neutral colours” many people think of it as a boring color scheme, but nothing could be further from the truth. For many individuals when neutral color schemes are mentioned, they immediately think of only beige. First of all, there are hundreds of shades of beige to choose from and there is a lot more to using beige in your living room’s interior design. Think about the way you will combine colors, neutral and otherwise. No matter what color scheme you end up choosing, the key to having a successful living room design is finding the right balance. There are a few simple, but creative strategies that can help you transform your living room into a beautiful space.

White and Dark Neutrals

Who said that all neutrals had to be lighter shades? You most likely think of beige if asked to name a neutral color, but darker hues can be neutral too. Some of the dark neutrals include dark brown, navy blue, some blacks, charcoal, gray and even deep gold. Some of these darker neutral colors work perfectly to bring balance to the living room and can be the perfect choice for sofas or recliners. If you prefer, you can use a dark neutral to anchor your living room by using it on an accent wall, area rug or for window treatments. Offset these with a lighter colored sofa or living room set and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Dark neutral shades are going to look best with lighter neutrals.

Using Monochromatic Neutral Colors

If you’d like to go for a more sophisticated look in the living room while not worrying too much about making everything match perfectly, you might want to try a monochromatic neutral color scheme. Start out with a base color that you prefer and really love. For instance, how about a deep, espresso brown? This is a classy color for living room furniture. Then you are going to use lighter shades of this dark neutral for other room elements. To achieve a balanced look, remember to use shades from both extremes lighter and darker.

Using Neutrals with Splashes of Color

Maybe you’re the type who prefers neutral furniture and walls but want to be able to express a more creative side. You can achieve this goal by using a neutral color as a backdrop and adding in brighter colors. The neutral shades tend to make splashes of colour literally pop visually. To keep this style balanced, you will want to use two or three accent colors max. If you add too many colours in it can become too busy and you’ll lose the effect. Choose neutrals for your furnishings and add in splashes of colours with your accessories like throw pillows, rugs, lampshades or window treatments.