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Interiors – Silestone Calacatta Gold For Kitchen & Bathroom Surfaces

July 4, 2019


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Kitchens have become an important part of every household, mainly because it is where an entire family joins together. It is also predicted that kitchens will become a significant part of everyone’s life, which signifies that the decor matters.

Like kitchens, bathrooms are another important part of any home since it is where one finds an ultimate relaxation. People’s expectation of a traditional bathroom now involves either a jacuzzi or a bathtub with a lot of walking space. Since we spend a lot of our time in these two areas in a household, it is only fair to design them with the most special stone ever known to humankind- the Calacatta Gold, but instead of the marble, a new form of engineered quartz stone would be better suited such as Silestone Calacatta Gold.

What is Silestone?
Silestone is a discovery of this century that makes your daily cleaning routine easier. It’s popularity and a high recommendation from builders and architects prove that the surface is truly precious. Silestone is manufactured by the Cosentino Group who carry more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing engineered stone surfaces.

Silestone composition:
Silestone is formed out of a mixture of quartz and resins that offer a balance of strength and beauty where no two slabs of the stone ever look the same. It is a befitting answer to many of the pressing problems faced by builders, decorators, and homeowners. Silestone is a compound with nearly 90% natural quartz that gives this surface hardness and resilience.

This engineered stone comprises superior characteristics such as:

High performance with bacterial protection
Non-porous surface
Wide array of colours, textures, and finishes
Modern & contemporary look

Silestone Calacatta Gold
Calacatta gold is a purely elegant marble with a natural touch that is inspired by the Calacatta marble. It is an ideal decorative material that comes in well-distributed greyish veining. With uniformity, Calacatta optimises and increases the value of your property.

Silestone Calacatta Gold polished marble produces a lean, luxurious look perfect for bathrooms, kitchens. The white background interlaced with grey veins and splashes of gold add a lot of substance and character. Particularly in the kitchens, it serves a great use as a splashback and remains stain-free due to its non-porous property.

Notable features of Silestone surfaces

Silestone offers 25-year long manufacturer warranty, which is the highest in the industry.
Resistance to staining from acidic substances, scratching or chipping, easily breaking, cracking, UV rays.
Low-maintenance- the majority of the cleaning process involves a mild soapy water and a dry piece of cloth or paper towel.
Multiple choices for colour (over 90 varieties), style (plain, veined, fine grain, coarse grain) and finishes (polished, suede, volcano).

Silestone worktops and slabs are created to endure hard impacts. Hence, they can bear heavy foot traffic on staircases, bathroom flooring, washbasin sinks and its surrounding, kitchens as flooring slabs and worktops. Most commonly, Silestone Calacatta Gold is used in residential areas of kitchens and bathrooms.

Get Some Tips About the Benefits and the Problems With Travertine Tiles

July 4, 2019


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Few can resist the natural pastoral stone charm of travertine, a limestone type that forms near mineral springs. Get them in earth shades and in a variety of finishings. Great on the floor, they excel on counters and backsplashes and the garden path too. Yet, travertine may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Know a few perks and quirks beforehand to help decide, four of each.

Plus points of travertine like Machu Picchu Travertine Tile

An exceptional characteristic
The dignified smartness of travertine, among the oldest building materials, is quite unusual. Travertine often resembles marble and granite. Art by Mother Nature comes in cream and beige, gold and brown, gray and red.

Robust enough to last and last
High traffic, water, indoors and outdoors, no matter, travertine stands scratching and chipping too. The tumbled finish does not show up marks as much as the honed or polished. Caramel Travertine is a superb example.

Environment friendly, nature born
Travertine is recycled and biodegrades with no manufacturing involved. Salvage it if you wish from an old installation.

Easily refurbished
After many years, travertine may weather and break. Keep a few extra tiles to patch up.

Travertine Tile minus points

They cost quite a bit
Travertine like Walnut Vein Cut Travertine costs more, compared to some other tile floors. Among natural stone, it is in the mid-range price. Adhesives, labor and grout add up.

Difficult to care for
Travertine, being porous with little holes, juices would stain it. Sealing is required to prevent stains that are dual, a penetrating and a barrier surface sealer while installing. The sealing would be repeated from time to time. Vinegar or salt cleaners need to be avoided, since it will leave a permanent stain. Picasso Travertine is one of those rare patterns.

Travertine is a heavyweight
Being rather heavy, travertine will take long to install. Transportation costs would be substantial, unless you transport it yourself. Travertine would probably suit only the first floor in view of the weight.

Travertine leads to cold floors
This natural stone does not retain warmth and the result would be cold shocks under the feet on winter mornings! Woolen socks or slippers would solve the problem, of course. Carpets would warm up the floor and add visual interest. Do you fancy Tuscany Chateaux Travertine?

You need to take the decision in view of all the factors. If you insist on travertine, check out the many choices of pavers and tiles in the outdoors inspiration gallery.

9 Approaches to Put Wood Look Porcelain Tiles to Fabulous Uses

July 4, 2019


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Inkjet printing technology creates realistic wood impressions on porcelain tile backgrounds, affordable, strong and attractive, water resistant too. Achieve the most striking effects of the wood ambiance where you would want it.

1. Arrange the tiles in a colorful pattern around the dining space

Consider the advantages over real old wood! Porcelain will not get scratched. It is a hygienic surrounding with porcelain that will last for ages. Porcelain requires very little maintenance and keeps out water.

2. Feature panels in the living spaces

Install a brand new look around the living room. Feature panels are hot and contemporary. Visually divide the space or create a focal point. Give it an imaginative twist with Wild Wooden Floor Tiles and Totem Wood Floor Tiles.

3. Basket weave effect

A basket weave pattern means so much in the home by charm and status. Create striking floors with single or dual colors.

4. Assemble a variety of colors and designs

An effect of depth comes from joining together several wood recipes within the room, if you fancy that.

5. Creativity without boundaries

Imagination reveals many patterns of inlays. The designs should be appropriate to the home environment. Avoid making it too complex with many patterns. Lay casual borders or bring many shades together.

6. Install feature walls

The wood effect on walls brings back sweet memories of yesteryear and traditions long since gone. The trend will never fade, be it in luxury homes or studio apartments. Superb printing effects make it all possible and you can install the effects of your dreams. Import the ‘wow’ and the ‘aha’ factor right into the home.

7. The parquet effect is back with a bang

The traditional solid wood floor effect is possible as an imitation of the parquet flooring. While authentic heavy wooden floors would cost a great deal and require plenty of care, porcelain presents all the advantages besides the perfect wood patterns. Try out the Parquet Floor Tiles and Timber Wood Floor Tiles for mesmeric effects.

8. An Alfresco world

Getting out into the open garden surrounding with its feeling of freedom is the Alfresco message. Imagine the garden room as an extension of the home. The beach effect and the rustic flavor rule.

9. Go transitional

Combining materials with differing patterns and textures create interesting in-between spaces in the dining and kitchen areas or the entrance hall. Hexagon Floor Tiles and Wild Wooden Floor Tiles are some unique creations.

Select a few choices. Which will they be?

Necessary Tips for Hardwood Floor Owners

July 4, 2019


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Do you own beautiful hardwood floors? O are you perhaps interested in installing new hardwood flooring soon? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then be sure to learn what you need to know about caring for such a valuable amenity. There are several approaches to cleaning and caring for hardwood, so let’s discuss the most common recommendations when it comes to maintaining long-lasting luster and performance.

Pros and Cons

Hardwood floors are a highly desired feature for any home or property owner. The brilliant shine and endless selection of finishes is enough to attract anyone to installing this type of flooring. It is a more expensive material than standard laminate flooring and look-alikes. And although there is nothing wrong with either of those alternatives, wood flooring has a distinctive appearance that can make any interior decorator drool.

The other downfall to wood floors, other than cost, is the amount of effort it requires to care for them. For anyone in the market for hardwood flooring, don’t be alarmed; there are many ways to keeping your floors looking like new with a few simple rules and tricks.

How to Keep Them Looking Like New

As for homeowners, try to avoid shoes, heavy foot traffic, and animals as much as possible. This is very important for aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, homeowners should use a dry, soft cloth or mop to gently sweep over the surface, every day.

As for a commercial building or business, wood floors will have to be protected in other ways since they experience more foot traffic. For example, protective wax sealants, regular cleaning, and daily sweeping can increase the longevity of luster and shine in its finish.

Be sure furniture has protective rubber stoppers on legs, or a rug underneath. This prevents excessive friction from furniture legs and reduces the likelihood of scratches and scuff marks. Also, use proper cleaning solutions when using soap or sanitizer. Its sensitivity and any wax coating can be jeopardized if a harsh chemical solution or soap is used. Be sure to buy solutions specifically manufactured for hardwood. This ensures you are not stripping any protective sealant or fading custom finishes.

Hardwood Floor Replacement

Wood floors can last for a very long time with good upkeep and maintenance; however, at some point they will need to be replaced. Hardwood floor replacement is an intelligent investment that can both increase your property value and instantly boost your interior appeal. When this time comes, be sure you choose a licensed general contractor who specializes in hardwood flooring. They will have the proper training and resources needed to provide professional guidance, qualified service, and outstanding results.

The Best Stone and Brick Cleaning Methods

July 4, 2019

Stone Brick

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Power Washing

Power washing can be used to clean brick exterior and interior walls. The power washing machine can be used upto 100 feet away from the structures being cleaned. If not used carefully and within reasonable boundary, pressure water cleaning may damage the masonry. For example, if the Nozzle pressure in an excess of 700 psi it can damage the bricks and erode mortar joints.

Grit Blasting Services

Grit blasting is an industrial process where surfaces are treated to make them smooth or rough by spraying a pressured stream of grit to the surface. This treatment has a wide range of industrial applications including; removing contaminants from the surface, polishing and removing rust.

The abrasive substance that is used varies depending on what is being cleaned. and what is happening to it after it has been cleaned. This method of cleaning can be used to remove organic matter (mosses / lichens / algae) from most surfaces, especially brickwork and stonework. The waters heat also helps completely kill the spores of organic matter thus increasing the length of time needed between cleaning. This system is also used to remove paints from stonework and brickwork (in some cases a paint softener will also need to be applied to the surface to assist in removal).

TORC & DOFF Cleaning

The DOFF system (which uses superheated water) is different in action to other systems. It uses ‘superheated’ water which exits the nozzle, in a fan pattern. This method or system uses a water supply method, which then gets to a high pressure unit pump. Here the pressure is increased to the required level before entering the ‘hotbox’. The pressure can be adjusted by the operator and is independent of the temperature setting. Within the heater part, the temperature may increase to 150C just before it passes on through a heat resistant nozzle. This nozzle directs the heated water onto the surface to be cleaned in fan like motion.

TORC systems on the other hand can be applied to remove carbon sulphation stains, lime and cement based paints, bitumen, paint residues, and old oil based paints and lime scales. The TORC system works by creating a gentle swirling vortex whereby a mixture of low air pressure, a little water and safe inert fine granules is used.

When selecting professional cleaning technicians it is important to ensure that not only are they are highly trained, but insured and qualified.

6 Ways to Improve Your Home With Natural Stone Cladding

July 4, 2019

Stone Brick

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Stone cladding is an eye-catching exterior for a home, making it look classic and ageless no matter what the architectural style. But that is not the only way this kind of stonework can transform a home. From major projects such as a complete home exterior make over to smaller jobs such as cladding a boring fireplace or floor to create a depth of character in an individual room, stone work can make your house feel like a whole new home.

The variety of options available is dazzling. From rustic brick looks to sophisticated cream stone styles, today’s stone cladding is revolutionary in both appearance and ease of installation. So what you can do with it? How can you use it to create a completely new and gorgeous look for your home?

Stone Cladding for Outside the Home

  • The Exterior of the Home – The most obvious use of stone cladding is to cover the exterior of the home or to create one or two accent walls on the exterior. A home with the appearance of grey cut stone exterior walls stands out with a certain sophistication, and a porch with sandstone walls is a bright and welcoming entrance. A stone clad home has a timeless look because it recreates an ancient material for a new, fresh look that makes it stand apart.
  • Garden Walls – The garden is an oasis in the fine weather and even in the winter it can be a joy to look at from the comfort of a chair by the window. Garden walls can be simple boundary markers, or with the right stone cladding they can be a landscape feature that serves as a stunning backdrop to the plants and other features in a garden. Stone cladding can also be used on lower walls such as the retaining walls around a landscaped slope.
  • Paths and Patios – A simple way to add style to the outside space of your home is to redo patios and garden paths in stone cladding. Patios are an outdoor living space and coordinating the stone veneer for your patio with one used inside provides continuity between the indoors and the outdoors. Gravel might give a path a certain charm, but it scatters and gets messy quickly, which makes for a lot of extra work. Stone work offers the visual appeal with much less hassle and maintenance. The path to the front door are the introduction to a home, so this smaller scale project has a big visual impact and can add substantially to a property’s kerb appeal.

Stone Cladding for Inside the Home

  • Interior Walls – A very large space can show amazing character when an entire room or more features stone cladding walls, but even smaller spaces can be enhanced with an accent wall in stone. An entryway or hallway sets the mood for a home, and cladding those walls with stone tells guests that their host has distinctive good taste. A rustic brick clad wall can create a warm and homey feeling in a kitchen, and stone cladding in a conservatory with a solid wall can really give it the feeling of an exterior space but without the exposure to the elements.
  • Fireplaces – The fireplace is usually the focal point of a room, and a ho-hum fireplace can undermine otherwise lovely decorating. People are drawn to fireplaces, even if there isn’t a fire, so re-doing a fireplace is a high impact change in a room. In the kitchen or the sitting room, a stone veneer finish adds to the primal appeal of fire. Stone veneer also always homeowners to change the overall shape of the fireplace. An arch, for example, can be created in a square opening, making for a dramatically different look and feel for the whole room.
  • Floors – Using stone cladding for flooring is a great way to add the beauty and charm of stone to a smaller space or one with a lot of cabinets or other features on the walls. Stone veneer creates the sense of an older space without limiting how wall space can be used. It’s a wonderful option for kitchens or narrower hallways that would feel crowded with stone clad walls. Floors and fireplaces can be done in coordinating stone veneer to develop a strong decorating theme for a single room or throughout an entire home.

Stone cladding can a reasonably priced investment to give a home a complete make-over whether the home owners are looking to upgrade their living space or increase its value because they are planning to sell. This is a lasting change for a home, but one that means enduring beauty and less maintenance than painting or pebble dash for the exterior and a dazzling transformation for the interior.

The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Siding Instead of Bricks

July 4, 2019

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If looking to revamp the exterior of your home, have you considered vinyl siding? There are pros and cons to both bricks and siding, and the decision ultimately comes down to personal preferences. Yet, there are several reasons why vinyl siding has become the number one choice among remodelers, builders, and contractors throughout the United States and Canada.


Have you been to a hardware store and actually priced bricks? Working through a contractor might get you a discount. But even at around half a dollar apiece, you’re looking at a huge investment. Alternatively, reinforced vinyl is a much more cost-effective material when covering large exterior spaces. Even the installation of this covering is less time consuming and more affordable with lower labor costs. These are all short-term benefits, but there are also long-term benefits. Bricks need to be replaced and repaired every 20 to 25 years. Siding, on the other hand, lasts much longer and requires very little maintenance. All you need is a hose to clean it off every now and then and you’re done!


Vinyl siding offers a level of versatility that cannot be found in other materials. If your home has architectural features, such as gables, this product can provide ample coverage and protection all while preserving these unique characteristics. A certified contractor is trained in proper installation techniques and can better inform you of the possibilities and limitations of this option.


Bricks are available in a variety of colors. However, the selection does not even come close to the 950 vinyl products available in almost 350 different colors. The finishing can be dyed pretty much any color to match your landscape or to stand out in the neighborhood. If you’re not satisfied with the color or just want to try a new look, you can paint it to create a new aesthetic. You can also screw shutters or other exterior accessories into plastic much easier and much more efficiently than in stone.

It’s Better for the Environment

The production of bricks releases a shocking amount of energy and air pollutants. When considering total energy, air pollutants, and global warming potential, vinyl is the superior material candidate. Some studies have concluded that brick’s impact on the environment is three times greater than that of vinyl.

While bricks still have their pros, siding offers unsurpassed versatility with a smaller price tag. At the end of the day, the decision comes down to personal preferences. The many pros of siding, however, make it a very strong candidate.

5 Types of Walls for a Residential Masonry Project

July 4, 2019

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The strength and durability of walls in a home are perhaps the most important aspect of its structural integrity. Residential masonry construction projects must take this into account to ensure a structure’s stability for years to come. Using materials like granite, bricks, stones, and concrete blocks adds to the durability of a wall. Here are five types of walls that are frequently used in homes.

1. Load Bearing

For this type of wall, stones, concrete, or cement blocks are usually the preferred options. Load bearing walls carry the weight that is transferred from the rooftop to the foundation. They are also ideal for both exterior and interior use. Many people prefer these walls to those which feature framed structures because they are often more economical. The necessary thickness of the wall depends on the amount of rooftop load. For example, buildings with two or more floors will typically have thicker load-bearing walls.

2. Reinforced

For those living in areas that are prone to harsh weather, reinforced walls are an ideal option. They are not vulnerable to cracking, which can be caused by external pressure. Reinforcement is usually placed within the walls in vertical and horizontal positions at specific intervals to ensure added strength. The amount of reinforcement may also depend on the amount of support the wall must give.

3. Composite

These walls usually use two or more materials. For example, they can contain hollow bricks along with standard bricks or stones. These walls are economical and lend a unique appearance to the building. The materials are bonded together, and sections are interconnected using steel ties. Horizontal joints may also be used to ensure optimal reinforcement.

4. Hollow

In residential masonry, hollow walls may be used to prevent moisture from reaching the interior of the house. This works by creating a space between the interior and exterior wall. The space prevents heat from penetrating to the interior, making these options ideal for homeowners who want to control inside temperature. The exterior face may have features called “weep holes” to drain water that may cause a buildup of moisture within the space. A water-repellant coating or damp proofing may be applied to the structure to prevent possible water damage.

5. Post-Tension

Post-tension walls are designed to withstand extreme weather events, such as earthquakes and tornadoes. These options usually have post-tension rods that run through the core of the walls. They can be tensioned and anchored to a steel support structure at the top after they have cured to ensure maximum strength.

It is advisable for homeowners to work with a professional residential masonry contractor to ensure a successful project. Like many construction projects, the strength and durability of the finished product depend on the type of materials used and the purpose of the structure.

The Perfect Fall Bedroom Decoration Ideas

July 4, 2019


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The season is on the move and this is the ideal excuse to bring about a little change in your bedding. Nothing can beat a good seasonal refresh. You can opt for a tiny tweak or a complete update as fall decorations. Even something simple like absolutely new bedding is capable of making a large difference to the bedroom.

Apart from the weather getting cooler and the nights becoming longer, you bedding choice for spring is not going to be adequate for approaching months. Keeping this in mind, you need to crank up the coziness with the top five ways to update your bedding for winter and fall straight from the bedding experts.

Mattress Toppers

The first thing that you need to take into account when you plan for fall decorations to refresh your bedding is comfort level. Hence, you can add a mattress topper. You can treat yourself with one of the amazing mattress boosts and add an extra layer of luxury to the bed this season. Mattress toppers, particularly duck feather and down¬¬ toppers are just great for winter and fall months as it adds extra layer of comfort, warmth, and coziness to see you through the chilly nights. Moreover, this item can also offer additional back, shoulder,, and neck support simply by distributing weight evenly across the mattress and by reducing the pressure points.

Pillow Cases, Duvet Covers, and Sheets

It is fall and soon to be winter. Thus, some new bedding along with a fresh color scheme that will be suitable for the season should be used. All you have to do is to change your pillow cases and duvet covers. This will instantly transform the interior look of the bedroom. As a matter of fact, it will create a brand-new look for fall with very little effort. There are many amazing wintery bedding shades which you try out such as dark reds, oranges, coppers, and browns. These will offer your bedroom an inviting and warm glow.

Make sure that you do not forget about the sheets in fall decorations. If you want, you can mix and match the duvet covers and pillowcases with the flat and fitted sheets of harmonizing and matching colors in order to add a greater depth to the bedding color scheme.

Winter Duvets

While you update the bed linen, you should go a step further and upgrade to a much cozier winter duvet matching the warm color scheme. In case the duvet is a 10.5 tog rating or lower, it might not be warm enough to be used in the colder months. Winter duvets have a 13.5 rating and upwards. It is simply perfect for snuggling down and keeping the chills away until spring returns.

In case you are looking for the ultimate duvet cover for fall decorations, fill one with soft goose feather and down. The natural feeling is going to keep you at the ideal temperature all night long eve during the coldest nights. Winter duvets have bouncy textures which create a visually inviting winter bedding arrangement.

Winter Throws

You might have the basics down and now it is time to get extra cozy and creative with the added accessories. Winter throws are considered to be great for fall. Firstly, these are practical. In case you do not want to upgrade to a winter duvet, a winter throw can be the perfect choice. It will add an extra layer of temporary and seasonal warmth. Moreover, they are going to look superb. You will be able to use a large variety of textures and patterns. These appear to be super inviting when you fold them neatly at the end of the bed.


The final finishing touch to the fall decorations for creating refreshing for the bedding look is the cushions. This is a simple addition with some plump cushion which will transform the look of your bedroom. These are great for creating a cozy winter aesthetic. Try to play around with an assortment of shapes and sizes. Keep big statement cushion at the center with the complementary small ones on either side. You can choose from a wide range of textures and patterns for customizing the look. With these items, you are going to be ready with the winter and fall decorations for a bedding refresh.

How to Choose a Design Style for your Cabin Home Home Home Decorations

July 4, 2019


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There are many types of design styles out there today, and it can be hard to choose just one. Because of this, people have been mixing and matching different styles together, coming up with their own style, and many of these have actual terms or names now. This is funny because some styles wouldn’t seem like they would go together, such as rustic and chic, but people find a way to make them work! In this article I will start by outlining several of the most popular design styles, and in the second part of the article, I will suggest which ones will work best in your cabin or country home.

Rustic – uses raw and often unfinished elements like wood and stone, typically a gray, tan or brown color palette
Western – uses horse, animal, cowboy or lone star designs, use of leather or wood, southwestern has distinguished patterns in textiles, varying color palette, but mostly browns with pops of red, green or yellow
Shabby Chic – use of vintage items, distressed or antique looking, cream and pastel color palette
Minimalist – modern design but with simple, but minimal furnishings, neutral color palette
Modern – crisp, clean lines, use of glass or metal elements, neutral color palette
Contemporary – interchangeable with modern style, but uses more curving lines and flowing designs, simple or neutral color palette
Industrial – unfinished and raw elements, exposed brick, pipes and duct work, wood, neutral color scheme, but may have bright pops of color or abstract art on display
Traditional – classic details, fuse of wood and fabrics, abundance of accessories, rich color palettes

Typically in a cabin home, people tend to decorate with the first three styles, but sometimes incorporate a minimalist approach, since cabins are usually on the smaller side and less furniture is always better. You can usually mix these first 2 styles, rustic and western, but they don’t always go together with the 3rd, shabby chic. That one is a whole different style of its own. It tends to be more feminine, whereas the first two are more masculine . You can always incorporate the minimalist style with any of the designs above, if you prefer the “less is more” mentality.

Cabins look best when they’re decorated with the rustic design style, as it relates more with nature, since cabins are usually out in the country and in nature. So, anytime you can bring the great outdoors into your home, it is a good thing. People will admire that in your decor too. I have found many online stores that offer raw wood products in their selection of furniture and home decor. Some examples are logs made into beds and accent furniture, reclaimed barn wood made into artwork and headboards for beds, fishing poles and snowshoes made into lamps, and real bark used to accent coffee tables and side tables. Many people use the popular Lone Star design in their cabin homes, combined with horses or other wildlife.

Rustic style doesn’t always have to encapsulate a rough or unfinished look though. If you use a rustic style consistently throughout your house, with other design elements, it will look unified and complete. You can always add softer elements like candles or dim lighting, plush throw blankets and pillows, and faux fur or other soft rugs on the floor.

If you go with the Shabby Chic look, it can show your softer and more romantic side. It might make for a more relaxing environment too, since it tends to have softer furniture and uses a more neutral or pastel color palette. These elements combined usually help portray a softer, more casual feel. I especially like to mix Shabby Chic with the more modern, whitewashed wood look. I like this whitewashed wood look because it is lighter and brighter than natural wood, which tends to be darker. It doesn’t need as much lighting or windows either because of all the white, and also tends to look cleaner than traditional wood cabin interiors, which can look dark and dirty.

In summary, people will appreciate any effort you put into having a general style in your home. It is visually appealing and often entertaining to your guests too, especially if you have unique items on display, such as whimsical black bear accents or animal wall art etc. So, I hope this article encourages you to move in a general design direction for your cabin home. Even implementing just a few items can create a themed environment and can give it noticeable style.